You’re invited to celebrate!

What if you allowed yourself to have whatever you wanted to eat? Good cake (my personal favorite), great bread (ok, maybe that’s my real favorite), quality ingredients like aromatic extra virgin olive oil?

What if you allowed yourself to feel like queen or king for the day—every day? Not to shun your responsibilities at work or at home, of course—but to see yourself as special? If you allowed yourself:

  • the power to speak your mind, to ask for what you need?
  • the right to take control of your health?
  • the ability to eat in the presence of others, foods they don’t think you should be eating?
  • the chance to act as if you’re deserving of pleasure—of time for yourself, of adequate nourishment, of enjoying what you’re eating, or getting enough sleep?

Imagine if you thought, if you truly believed that your body is worth taking care of. Then you’d consider the consequences of your actions, when you are thinking about restricting your food intake, or eating despite feeling stuffed, or doing harmful things to your body. Then you might exercise—but not excessively—and you might limit yourself to activities that you really enjoyed.
Imagine if you knew and trusted that there will always be another serving of ice cream tomorrow—that you don’t have to get it all in today. How would that change your thoughts and the amount of ice cream you might eat?

Dear readers, give me a gift today. Take this day— just today to start— to do something nice for your self. Allow yourself to eat something you don’t, in your own mind, believe you’re allowed to eat. Carve out some time, just a wee bit, even, to enjoy your space or to do something you enjoy, just for you.

It’s my birthday today, and I’d like you all to have that gift.
I already eat what I want every day of the year—in amounts that make me comfortable—for the most part. I respect my body—skipping my workout when I’m feeling the need, getting more sleep when my body urges it. Ok, the sleep part’s not always so easy for me! And you probably have learned by now that I don’t struggle much with making my needs known.

So I’m asking for what I want on this birthday. I want to make a difference. I want to feel that something I’ve said has helped you shift your own thinking and change some behavior for the better. I’d love you to treat yourself today—not just on a birthday (if that even happens)—in a way that helps you move forward in your goals.

At least make a wish and set your sights on your direction today!

And please share your experiences in the comments!
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