Heal the Self Through Self-Love and Bathing in the Elixir of Life

It is the spring power coming from the Earth, just like the sap rising and the growing solar's warm temperature; once I doze off at night time and my energies settle, I experience this internal glow of love and life deep in my coronary heart's middle energies.

If I relax into this feeling of Bliss and let it wash over me, I sense the whole of my being begin to purr like a cat; I sense very healthful and balanced.  I suppose this is coming approximately due to the fact my attention is within, searching deep into my soul and aligning my energies with the Self.

I can pay attention my inner voice saying my hearing is crystal clear and I even have 20/20 vision.  As I hold to loosen up and release, letting pass of any thoughts control and just being in alignment with myself, I feel this elixir of life flowing into all components of my being, recuperation and balancing all my internal organs and cells.

It's as although I can see all my organs smiling and relaxing into this loving glow of lovely light blue light that's emanating from my soul and flooding forth into the grosser tiers of matter that make up my bodily frame.

I experience that is a step up from the bodily manner of stem mobile surgical procedure, as I am the usage of my very own source energy to create and balance my frame, through nothing extra than self-love and appreciation.

I have super gratitude for this gift of internal knowing which permits me to look inside my Self effects and experience at one and at peace with the Universe.

As spring progresses, I'm noticing I'm deciding on meals with the existence force in them.  I discover I'm ingesting greater clean fruit and salads.

I understand this existence force could be very important to our frame, and the freshness of the food we devour facilitates to convey into our system more of the hint factors and minerals that are so critical to permit it to completely assimilate the proteins and carbohydrates in our eating regimen.

Financially too, I sense the abundance flooding again into my existence. The sun is the excellent bringer of abundance; and the shade sunshine yellow and the crystal citrine resonate with the solar and help anchor that abundance in our lives. A new 11-yr sunspot cycle is currently starting, and our sun's face will quickly have plenty of solar spots, permitting its nourishing abundance to attain the Earth via the sun winds.

If you take a look at the space climate website you will see that even though throughout March there have not been any sunspots, the solar's floor is getting extra turbulent and this may be visible through a solar telescope at the solar's limb.

It might also also be this subtle energy from the solar, achieving us together with its bodily mild and heat, this is developing the enjoy of the Elixir of Live which I am feeling.  We understand while this electricity is attaining earth by way of the Northern Lights, which seem on the poles.  This solar radiation and these sun winds attain all components of the Earth and our bodies, interacting with our conscious recognition of our Self.

So try some experiments yourself; loosen up and release, feeling the affection growing for your heart, as you look inside for your middle being.
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